[aur-general] Easy way to find out package dependencies

Daniel Micay danielmicay at gmail.com
Sun Mar 3 04:06:18 EST 2013

> This would only work if there is some kind of already existing PGKBUILD,
> but I think he tries to write one from scratch for a software not yet in
> the official repos or the AUR.
> Using namcap and elf2pkgs is then the best solution to figure out the
> corresponding packages in the repos.
> HTH,
> Christoph

Well, the way I interpreted this was that he was already able to put
it together, and was wondering how to find the dependencies without
ldd and guesswork:

> Say, i want to write the PKGBUILD for a package,
> and the compilation on my system (.7configure/cmake and make)
> does work without problems.

> Then I don't get a message about missing libraries.
> So, it's easy to compile the stuff, but needs some
> effort to find out the dependencies.

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