[aur-general] User ban request

Limao Luo luolimao at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 23:15:09 EST 2013

On 03/05/2013 11:10 PM, Daniel Wallace wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 05, 2013 at 11:05:07PM -0500, Limao Luo wrote:
>> And he's back, with another account [2] with an address on a
>> different website (rmqkr.net, which redirects to the disposable
>> email site 10minutemail.com). This is a waste of my time. Can
>> someone respond to this thread so I know that a TU even knows about
>> this? Also, I guess it's really a bot, since the flagging is done
>> across congruent intervals (this time it's 1 minute between flags).
>> [2] https://aur.archlinux.org/account/9Pwrxb1/
> We are well aware of it.
> https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-dev/2013-February/002371.html
> The problem is every time I suspend an account (after a patch that was
> applied yesterday) now he gets logged out, the problem is it creates a
> new account and starts tagging them out of date again.
Ah, I see. Anyway, thanks for the update. I didn't even think to check 

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