[aur-general] please disown non-daw-git

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Fri Mar 8 11:25:21 EST 2013

Lieven Moors wrote:

>I have emailed the maintainer several times,
>and supplied him with PKGBUILD's for this package.
>In the beginning there were proplems because ntk
>(which is a fork of fltk) was not in AUR, but very
>soon somebody added a package for that.
>After that I urged the maintainer to update the
>PKGBUILD. The first time was 19 Dec 2012, the last time 
>was 27 Jan 2013. I haven't heard from him since that last 
>mail, and nothing has happened since i flagged the package 
>out of date.
>I have a working PKGBUILD, and would be willing to maintain
>the package.

Oliver Twisted, adopt away.


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