[aur-general] Unexpected aur package removal.

Alexander Rødseth rodseth at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 06:44:58 EDT 2013


I'll start this off with an anecdotal story:

When I first became a TU, I just gave short (but polite and friendly)
notices when moving packages from AUR to [community], because I felt I was
in the right to just move them at will (if they fullfilled the requirements
for being moved, of course).

This was only in the very beginning. After a short while I started asking
AUR maintainers nicely if they were okay with it if I moved the package
instead. Everyone has said yes so far. The result is the same, but it feels
better to ask people and to give them a choice, for everyone involved.

The rules are a great tool when needed, but (gentle?) social interaction
makes the whole thing more enjoyable for everyone.

When that's said, the motivation for increasing the quality of the AUR
packages is a good one. There are thousands of AUR packages and just a few
TUs, so if a TU should be a bit strict once in a while, while doing
bear with us. I think it's better overall.

tl;dr Ioni is always right

- Alexander

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