[aur-general] Unexpected aur package removal.

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed Mar 13 20:05:04 EDT 2013

Ionut Biru wrote:

>mate, you did something wrong, stop trying to find out excuses for your
>please do not delete builds like that anymore, leave comments about any
>issues with the build and give them time to accommodate with the changes


Obliterating votes and comments and forcing the user to recreate the package
does not help anyone, and one minute is not enough to read a comment, address
the issue and re-upload the package even if the maintainer is glued to the
chair slamming F5. It discourages new users from continuing to contribute and
it leaves a very bad impression of the TUs and Arch by extension.

Bartłomiej Piotrowski wrote:

>What's the point of your drama? It was perfectly correct to remove it
>(especially if it was new package). You reuploaded and fixed it.
>Everyone is happy, hurray!

Everyone is clearly not happy. If you honestly think that it's just "drama"
when a user has a valid complaint about an overzealous TU then I think you need
to reconsider your viewpoint. TUs are not beyond scrutiny. If anything we
should be held to a higher standard than other users.

As for my own anecdote, you will find many comments from me linking to updated
PKGBUILDs that I kindly *recommend* to the maintainer. I wait a few weeks for a
reply and then either post again or email the maintainer. I think it is the
most effective way encourage users to adhere to packaging standards and adopt
better PKGBUILD styles.

Alexander Rødseth wrote:

>tl;dr Ioni is always right

What alternate reality is this? :P

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