[aur-general] Unexpected aur package removal.

Daniel Wallace danielwallace at gtmanfred.com
Wed Mar 13 23:01:29 EDT 2013

On Thu, Mar 14, 2013 at 12:05:04AM +0000, Xyne wrote:
> Ionut Biru wrote:
> >mate, you did something wrong, stop trying to find out excuses for your
> >actions.
> >
> >please do not delete builds like that anymore, leave comments about any
> >issues with the build and give them time to accommodate with the changes
> This.
> Obliterating votes and comments and forcing the user to recreate the package
> does not help anyone, and one minute is not enough to read a comment, address
> the issue and re-upload the package even if the maintainer is glued to the
> chair slamming F5. It discourages new users from continuing to contribute and
> it leaves a very bad impression of the TUs and Arch by extension.

Did you actually read what I explained what I did? because your first
sentence would cause me to believe you didn't.  I specifically said I
did not delete any packages that had comments on them or any substantial
amount of votes.  This one packages that is being complained about had 3
votes, that is 2 more than any other packages, and all of the other ones
were only voted on by the maintainer.

> Bartłomiej Piotrowski wrote:
> >What's the point of your drama? It was perfectly correct to remove it
> >(especially if it was new package). You reuploaded and fixed it.
> >Everyone is happy, hurray!
> Everyone is clearly not happy. If you honestly think that it's just "drama"
> when a user has a valid complaint about an overzealous TU then I think you need
> to reconsider your viewpoint. TUs are not beyond scrutiny. If anything we
> should be held to a higher standard than other users.
The users complaint is valid. Fine, he asked for it to be merged to the
new package name, and I missed it on aur-general.

How about this, I would like to lodge a complaint against the TU that
merged the package in the first place without checking for it's validity
and following of packaging guidelines.

> As for my own anecdote, you will find many comments from me linking to updated
> PKGBUILDs that I kindly *recommend* to the maintainer. I wait a few weeks for a
> reply and then either post again or email the maintainer. I think it is the
> most effective way encourage users to adhere to packaging standards and adopt
> better PKGBUILD styles.

YES ABSOLUTELY! I do this, all the time! Including on one of yours
today! Right after you complained about environment variables not being
quoted because they might include spaces.

> Alexander Rødseth wrote:
> >tl;dr Ioni is always right
> What alternate reality is this? :P
I have no comment
Daniel Wallace
Archlinux Trusted User (gtmanfred)
Georgia Institute of Technology
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