[aur-general] [Search] AUR Maintainer for Kolab 3 groupware and/or Evolution Kolab plugin?

t|ask reg-aurml at agt24.com
Wed Mar 13 10:17:24 EDT 2013

Hi, I hope I'm at the right place to ask for help, but let's begin :)

The KOLAB (http://kolab.org/) Groupware project is searching for AUR
maintainers for their open source groupware solution.

Unfortunately, this project is not well known outside of Germany.
Therefore, probably you've never heard of it :( That's sad, because it's  
an already very
feature-rich and well developed FOSS groupware solution. They just need
some help to bring it to ArchLinux.

Their new version 3.0 comes with many new professional features and already
supports many open source PIM clients. For further details please
read their about page:


or even better,  just register your own DEMO server account at:


I had a chat with "grote" at their IRC channel
irc://kolab@irc.freenode.net today
and we think it will be great to find some AUR maintainers for them.

Please reply, get in contact with "grote" via IRC or use their community
page at


They appreciate every support.

You could also begin with maintaining the small Evolution-Kolab project
"Evolution-Kolab". Their small team did nice work with bringing Kolab
Groupware features to Gnome Evolution PIM. They are just too small to build
distribution packages beside developing their plugin. If you have the time  
a smaller project, feel free to get their current code from GIT at


and/or contact Christian (xtian) via IRC #evolution at irc.gnome.org

I hope, someone can help with Kolab or the smaller Evolution Kolab project.

Let's bring Kolab to ArchLinux.

Thank you in advance. Kind Regards,


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