[aur-general] [Search] AUR Maintainer for Kolab 3 groupware and/or Evolution Kolab plugin?

Eduardo Machado eduardo.machado at gmail.com
Wed Mar 13 12:48:36 EDT 2013

I offer my help, I will evaluate the software and create the package, if
everything seems alright.

Best regards,

   Eduardo M. Machado

2013/3/13 t|ask <reg-aurml at agt24.com>

> Hi, I hope I'm at the right place to ask for help, but let's begin :)
> The KOLAB (http://kolab.org/) Groupware project is searching for AUR
> maintainers for their open source groupware solution.
> Unfortunately, this project is not well known outside of Germany.
> Therefore, probably you've never heard of it :( That's sad, because it's
> an already very
> feature-rich and well developed FOSS groupware solution. They just need
> some help to bring it to ArchLinux.
> Their new version 3.0 comes with many new professional features and already
> supports many open source PIM clients. For further details please
> read their about page:
> http://kolab.org/about
> or even better,  just register your own DEMO server account at:
> http://kolabsys.com/try
> I had a chat with "grote" at their IRC channel
> irc://kolab@irc.freenode.net today
> and we think it will be great to find some AUR maintainers for them.
> Please reply, get in contact with "grote" via IRC or use their community
> page at
> http://kolab.org/community
> They appreciate every support.
> You could also begin with maintaining the small Evolution-Kolab project
> "Evolution-Kolab". Their small team did nice work with bringing Kolab
> Groupware features to Gnome Evolution PIM. They are just too small to build
> distribution packages beside developing their plugin. If you have the time
> for
> a smaller project, feel free to get their current code from GIT at
> https://git.gnome.org/browse/**evolution-kolab/<https://git.gnome.org/browse/evolution-kolab/>
> and/or contact Christian (xtian) via IRC #evolution at irc.gnome.org
> I hope, someone can help with Kolab or the smaller Evolution Kolab project.
> Let's bring Kolab to ArchLinux.
> Thank you in advance. Kind Regards,
> t|ask

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