[aur-general] Fighting spam on the AUR

Eduardo Machado eduardo.machado at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 10:53:21 EDT 2013

I think that one captcha only, in the creation of an account, doesn't hurt.

And i liked the idea posted by Xyne, but with a few improvements: instead
of putting actions for TU's reviews, it should be an queue of actions by
users, so it can be undone rapidly and with one shot!
So, if a red light is fired by an user, only in this case the TU have to
act, and mark all the user actions to be undone (checkboxes, a "mark all"
button, and an undo button).
In this case, all the damage made in hours by a bad user can be undone in a
second by a TU.

These two solutions together should discourage such actions.

What do you think?

   Eduardo M. Machado
   Engenheiro de Computação
   Rio de Janeiro - RJ

2013/3/13 Xyne <xyne at archlinux.ca>

> Lukas Fleischer wrote:
> >Status quo:
> >
> >    06:54 < gtmanfred> ok, it really is time for something else
> >    06:54 < gtmanfred> the spammer is now creating a new account for
> >    every comment and flag out of date
> >
> >The account suspension feature does not help here.
> >
> >Options:
> >
> >* Allow package maintainers to block the "Flag package out-of-date"
> >  feature for a certain amount of time. Note that this might eventually
> >  cripple the "out-of-date" function. Also, this does not work for
> >  comments.
> >
> >* Use CAPTCHAs during account registration. We could either use MAPTCHAs
> >  ("What is 1 + 1?") or something like reCAPTCHA [1].
> >
> >* Moderate new accounts. Might be a lot of work. We need some TUs that
> >  review and unlock accounts. Also, it might be hard to distinguish a
> >  spam bot from a regular user. If we require a short application text,
> >  this might result in less users joining the AUR.
> >
> >* Block IP addresses. Bye-bye, Tor users!
> >
> >Comments and suggestions welcome! We need to find a proper solution as
> >soon as possible!
> >
> >[1] http://www.google.com/recaptcha
> How hard would it be to create an action queue for comments and flagging?
> The idea would be to add a new field to the user accounts table (e.g. a
> boolean
> named "supervise"). The default value would be true for new accounts. The
> value
> could be changed by TUs and/or automatically changed after a fixed interval
> and/or certain actions (depending on how far you want to go with the
> logic).
> When flagged, comments and actions would be submitted to a queue that
> would be
> accessible to TUs via a webpage with accept/reject buttons for each action.
> This avoids the annoyance and data collection of captchas and it also
> avoids
> the risk of blacklisting legitimate users who share IP ranges (or some
> proxy)
> with trolls. Bonus: AUR automation tools will not be broken.
> It will introduce a variable delay before actions are executed but in most
> cases this will probably not be more than a couple of hours given the
> current
> number of TUs.
> Rejections should require a reason and the actions should be logged for a
> few
> days just to make sure no one abuses the reject button. The reason should
> also
> be sent back to the user in case of rejection so that it can be brought up
> here. (If that's done then logging might be unnecessary).
> The accept/reject page would need the following per action:
> * package ID -> page link
> * action
> * content of comment if applicable
> * user (+email? +IP?)
> Of course I have no idea of how difficult this would be technically.

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