[aur-general] Strange filesystem conflict behavior

Kyle kyle at gmx.ca
Mon Mar 25 19:01:22 EDT 2013

According to Allen Li:
# Can't you just uninstall the previous version before installing the
# newer version?  No need to manually remove anything.

This would work, except for the fact that espeakup depends on espeak, so
if espeakup is installed, manually removing espeak will automatically
remove espeakup, which would then need to be manually reinstalled.
Simply removing /usr/share/espeak-data avoids this extra complexity. I'm
still confused about why any user intervention would even be necessary
when removing the old version and replacing it with a properly
conflicting/providing version of the same package. Isn't pacman robust
enough to handle changes in the file structure of a conflicting package,
as long as the fields are properly filled in, and the old package is
being automatically removed?
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