[aur-general] Strange filesystem conflict behavior

Limao Luo luolimao at gmail.com
Mon Mar 25 22:19:03 EDT 2013

On 03/25/2013 07:01 PM, Kyle wrote:
> According to Allen Li:
> # Can't you just uninstall the previous version before installing the
> # newer version?  No need to manually remove anything.
> This would work, except for the fact that espeakup depends on espeak, so
> if espeakup is installed, manually removing espeak will automatically
> remove espeakup, which would then need to be manually reinstalled.
> Simply removing /usr/share/espeak-data avoids this extra complexity. I'm
> still confused about why any user intervention would even be necessary
> when removing the old version and replacing it with a properly
> conflicting/providing version of the same package. Isn't pacman robust
> enough to handle changes in the file structure of a conflicting package,
> as long as the fields are properly filled in, and the old package is
> being automatically removed?
> ~Kyle
> http://kyle.tk/
I don't think pacman can take care of that atm; I've had this kind of 
problem myself in the recent past (2 months or so ago, although I can't 
remember the name of the package(s)....)

-Limao Luo

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