[aur-general] Deletion for enigmail?

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sat Nov 23 23:23:57 EST 2013

David Manouchehri wrote:

>Not completely sure about this one, but think we should delete
>enigmail? It's out of date and the plugin can be downloaded straight
>through Thunderbird's add-on manager.

The maintainer hasn't updated the package despite its having been flagged
out-of-date for months. There are also some comments including one about a
404'd source URL from over a month ago, so I have disowned the package.

It should not be deleted simply because the plugin is available via
Thunderbird's add-on manager. It is often very useful to be able to install
plugins for all users via a system package. This is why packages are provides
for other Mozilla add-ons, such as firefox-adblock-plus in [community].

Does the package include any stand-alone functionality? If not, then it should
be renamed "thunderbird-enigmail". I see that there are multiple enigmail
packages on the AUR, but only some of them use the "thunderbird-" prefix.


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