[aur-general] Deletion for enigmail?

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Sun Nov 24 12:59:41 EST 2013

David Manouchehri wrote:

>There's also a -bin package that follows the same naming pattern I
>believe. Maybe rename both?

The enigmail package was orphaned so I updated it and re-uploaded it as
"thunderbird-enigmail". I haven't compiled it to test it, although I did let
the compilation run for a while. The changes in the build and prepare functions
follow the thunderbird package. There are some other minor changes as well.
There are almost certainly some errors remaining, but there should be fewer
than in the previous package and thus it should provide a good starting point
for the next maintainer.

I have also uploaded a thunderbird-enigmail-git package which is nearly
identical to thunderbird-enigmail except for the source. I hope that the future
maintainer will adopt both of these packages together. It may even make sense
to create a split package given that the compilation of thunderbird is a common
and time-consuming task.

I have also left a comment on the enigmail-bin page to request that it be
re-uploaded with the correct name.


p.s. I saw that you were listed in the PKGBUILD as the maintainer. Do you no
longer use it?

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