[aur-general] Orphan request: perl-cpan-meta-check

v1c70r v1c70rp at gmail.com
Mon Oct 14 19:49:40 EDT 2013

El 14/10/13 20:37, John D Jones III escribió:
> Gee, that's funny, I never remember seeing any emails about this pkg...
> While I'm not exactly the quickest responder on Out Of Date replies,
> well legitimate the upstream version is newer than the PKBUILD
> version, Out of Date replies anyways; I do go through an update all my
> OODs a cpl times a month....
> Now, there is the possibility that this was not my PKGBUILD (I own
> 729, mostly perl packages), but I'd sure like to have it reviewed who
> this maintainer was, and if it's me... why I've not received any
> emailings with regard...
The maintainer was 'dseg' according to the second footnote in the first

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