[aur-general] Merge request: merge toxic with toxic-git

Florian Hahn flo at fhahn.com
Tue Sep 3 18:43:32 EDT 2013

> Done.
> Some comments about the PKGBUILD:
> You should not be doing anything in $_gitname" in the $startdir". If the user
> sets the SRCDEST variable in makepkg.conf then it will not be there. In
> addition, that git repo should not be touched during the build. The repo is
> cloned in $srcdir" and that is where building should occur.
> Please replace
>>cd $_gitname
> with
>>cd "$srcdir/$_gitname"
> and likewise for "cd $_gitname/build".
> Note the quotation marks around $srcdir. The are important.

Thanks for the quick reaction and the feedback, I have updated the PKGBUILD.


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