[aur-general] linux-next naming convention

Dennis Borisevich elfmax at tut.by
Sat Sep 14 16:01:57 EDT 2013


I have just become the maintainer of my first package in AUR,'linux-next'.
It's name lacks -git prefix, though it is using git to fetch source

I figure out that I have these courses of action:
1)Ask for the deletion of 'linux-next' package in favor of

2)Create a separate package 'linux-next-git' which uses git by fetching sources like described in Wiki page "VCS PKGBUILD Guidelines", but keep 'linux-next' and use prepare() mechanism, which will utilize 'git clone --depth=1' (less to download, useful for one-time building);

3) Don't create any new packages and just update 'linux-next' PKGBUILD like in 1).


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