[aur-general] linux-next naming convention

Frederik "Freso" S. Olesen freso.dk at gmail.com
Sun Sep 15 00:55:19 EDT 2013

Den 14-09-2013 22:01, Dennis Borisevich skrev:
> I have just become the maintainer of my first package in AUR,'linux-next'.
> It's name lacks -git prefix, though it is using git to fetch source
> code.

Some PKGBUILDs use Git to fetch a specific version of the source code 
(e.g., a given tag) - those should not have the "-git" suffix as they 
are (theoretically) not dynamic as regular VCS packages are.[1]

However, now having looked at the "linux-next" PKGBUILD, I see that this 
is not the case and that it should have the "-git" suffix, so...

> I figure out that I have these courses of action:
> 1)Ask for the deletion of 'linux-next' package in favor of
> 'linux-next-git';
> 2)Create a separate package 'linux-next-git' which uses git by fetching sources like described in Wiki page "VCS PKGBUILD Guidelines", but keep 'linux-next' and use prepare() mechanism, which will utilize 'git clone --depth=1' (less to download, useful for one-time building);
> 3) Don't create any new packages and just update 'linux-next' PKGBUILD like in 1).

4) (This might be your 2 or 3, not sure;) Change the (pkg)name of the 
PKGBUILD to "linux-next-git" and upload that. This will create a new 
entry in the AUR. Then write here on this mailing list requesting to 
have "linux-next" merged into "linux-next-git".

I would go with 4. ;)

[1] I have had one person tell me a package of mine was wrongly named 
for not having the "-git" suffix as the packaged tarballs were 
downloaded from GitHub...

Frederik "Freso" S. Olesen <http://freso.dk/>

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