[aur-general] Merge request: python2-pyside -> python-pyside

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Mon Sep 16 01:43:58 EDT 2013

Hugo Osvaldo Barrera wrote:

>As maintainer of python2-pyside shouldn't I have gotten a notification
>about this? At least an automated one from the AUR?
>Also, since the PKGBUILD states "replaces=(python2-pyside...", shouldn't
>searching the AUR for python2-pyside yield python-pyside as one of
>the results?

The AUR does not fully parse PKGBUILDs because that would require a tool that
can fully parse Bash without executing it, which no one has written yet (to my
knowledge). As such, the current approach fudges it with simple regexes or
whatever that only extract a subset of data. I do not think that includes

The AUR also lacks true support for split packages (again, because there is no
full Bash parser*), which is why the python2-pyside split package is not

>Finally, why does this merge make sense? It merges two *different*
>libraries into one; I maintained python2-pyside, but have no interest
>in installing the python3 version, so why is the original package deleted?

A split package builds 2 or more packages. You may optionally install any of
them as needed. It makes sense here to have a split package because both the
Python 2 and Python 3 versions are built from the same source. The only
argument against having a split package in this case is the lack of AUR
support, which makes the package a little harder to find and which requires
some ugly hacks to the PKGBUILD (e.g. "true &&" to trick the parser).


* This is the price we pay for having all metadata trapped in a general
  purpose, quirky scripting language that can only be evaluated by executing
  arbitrary code. 

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