[aur-general] uppity replaces curlpaste in [community]

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Tue Sep 17 17:36:45 EDT 2013

Jonathan Steel wrote:

>curlpaste [1] has been replaced [2] by uppity [3]. The usage is very much
>the same. I propose moving uppity-git to [community] as uppity, and
>removing curlpaste (not uploading it to the AUR). Am I right in thinking
>that uppity "replaces", but does not "conflict" with curlpaste as there are
>no file conflicts?
>I believe I need three other TUs to agree that uppity can go into
>[community] as it only has two votes. If this does not happen in the next
>two weeks, I will continue to remove curlpaste from [community], but leave
>uppity-git in the AUR.


If there are no file conflicts then you do not need an entry in the conflicts

If you rename the package (uppity-git -> uppity), do you plan to modify it so
that it builds from fixed tags? If not then it should not be renamed as it
remains a git package. Renaming it would be against our guidelines.

I also noticed that you are using "cd $_gitname" in the PKGBUILD. Please see my
reply to someone else about why this is incorrect[1] and update it to do
everything in "$srcdir/$_gitname".

If uppity is a true successor to curlpaste in [community] then I believe they
may be swapped without approval, but wait for someone else to confirm it.


[1] https://mailman.archlinux.org/pipermail/aur-general/2013-September/025124.html

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