[aur-general] CSDP and Mosek in AUR :-)

Ido Rosen ido at kernel.org
Sun Sep 22 01:15:45 EDT 2013

  I just submitted two packages to AUR, these are my first packages so
comments are welcome:


(Note that mosek's "source" is dependent on the target architecture,
so it only shows the 32 bit one on the AUR package website.)

* CSDP is a C library for Semidefinite Programming, an optimization
technique used in machine learning and other areas.  It's released
under the Common Public License 1.0.

* Mosek is a linear, quadratic, conic, and mixed integer programming
solver.  (Mosek is commercial, but you can get trial or academic
licenses for free to use it.)

Both packages install their matlab toolboxes into
/usr/share/doc/${pkgname}/matlab, for Matlab/Octave users.

Both AUR uploads grab the sources from the upstream vendor.

I'm maintaining these packages on GitHub, so if you want any changes
made to them please submit a pull request or an issue on the GitHub
repository located at:


I'd love to see coinor-csdp reach the AUR community repository, since
it's CPL licensed and a useful tool, but it's pretty niche software so
I'm not holding my breath. :-)


PS: I am unsubscribing from aur-general now so please CC my email address
on replies meant for me.

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