[aur-general] [Deletion Request] 115backup-gtk{2,3}

Nowaker enwukaer at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 07:41:11 EDT 2014

> I thought it was permissible to point to binaries just as long as you
> don't include binaries in the tarball that's uploaded to the AUR.

There is no strict rule for this - it's rather common sense. Binaries 
built by the upstream are OK (but if sources are available, then of 
course it's better to use them, but there's no obligation). Binaries 
from other sources... it depends. If you download some non-executable 
data like fonts, then it's justifiable too as long as checksums are 
provided. Executable from odd-looking sources on the internet, or 
self-compiled executables are not.

115backup-gtk2 and 115backup-gtk3 are OK - they download the sources 
directly from the upstream. Upstream doesn't provide sources. Skype 
works the same way.

Kind regards,
Damian Nowak

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