[aur-general] [Deletion Request] 115backup-gtk{2,3}

David Phillips dbphillipsnz at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 20:16:44 EDT 2014

I was (for some reason) under the impression that AUR packages had to
be source-only with the exception of fonts, images, icons etc, but it
seems that I was wrong.

Cheers for the clarification!

On 23/04/2014, Nowaker <enwukaer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> I thought it was permissible to point to binaries just as long as you
>> don't include binaries in the tarball that's uploaded to the AUR.
> There is no strict rule for this - it's rather common sense. Binaries
> built by the upstream are OK (but if sources are available, then of
> course it's better to use them, but there's no obligation). Binaries
> from other sources... it depends. If you download some non-executable
> data like fonts, then it's justifiable too as long as checksums are
> provided. Executable from odd-looking sources on the internet, or
> self-compiled executables are not.
> 115backup-gtk2 and 115backup-gtk3 are OK - they download the sources
> directly from the upstream. Upstream doesn't provide sources. Skype
> works the same way.
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