[aur-general] Package ownership change request for yaourt-git

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Sun Aug 3 23:13:50 EDT 2014

On 03/08, Jeremy Audet wrote:
>> The official way of using the PKGBUILDs is manually with makepkg.
>I suspect that the usual use case for interacting with the AUR is with an
>AUR helper. I think this qualifies it as subject matter that a capable
>package maintainer should have some familiarity with, even though this use
>case may be disagreeable to you personally.

If the PKGBUILD is sane and works, it works.

>> the only times an AUR VCS package is out-of-date is when it's broken 
>> in some way
>Assuming that AUR helpers are a common tool for interacting with the 
>AUR, VCS packages in the AUR are out-of-date when their version number 
>is... out-of-date.

Which is never, because the AUR doesn't contain built packages, only 
PKGBUILDs which are used to build packages.

>Finally, the situations that trigger a VCS package update should be
>identical whether a package is in the AUR or one of the more official repos.

That's never going to happen unless Arch moves to become a 
from-source-distro instead of a binary one.

PKGBUILDs are recipies that are used to build packages. Until the 
package is actually build it doesn't have a pkgversion. Repo packages 
are built packages which are build from PKGBUILDs, and pacman will never 
build packages. That's makepkg's job, not the package manager's.

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