[aur-general] Should we recommend removing comments from the AUR?

LoneVVolf lonewolf at xs4all.nl
Tue Dec 2 10:43:05 UTC 2014

On 02-12-14 07:07, Nowaker wrote:
> A custom field in PKGBUILD that AUR will understand would really come 
> in handy. Something like this: 
> pkgissues='https://github.com/Nowaker/aur-packages/issues' <p> <input 
> type="submit" value="Add Comment">    If you can't build the 
> package, or the package is broken, please <a 
> href="https://github.com/Nowaker/aur-packages/issues">report an 
> issue</a> instead. </p> 

Not a bad idea, but it would require makepkg to support it.
Official repos have "bug reports" / "add a new bug" links on the package 
page, so they don't need this option.

How about a similar field on AUR package page ?
it should be empty by default, editable for maintainer

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