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Christian Hesse list at eworm.de
Tue Dec 30 22:26:59 UTC 2014

Lukas Fleischer <archlinux at cryptocrack.de> on Tue, 2014/12/30 13:16:
> On Tue, 30 Dec 2014 at 12:17:06, Christian Hesse wrote:
> > Hello Arch Linux community,
> > [...]
> > My main focus is on system administration, but I do have an attitude to
> > programming. A number of open source projects includes changes by me, some
> > just being bug fixes, some introducing new features. I do not want to bore
> > you, so I will not list them here.
> > [...]
> While listing every single project you contributed to might be boring,
> knowing that you are willing to contribute to upstream projects is an
> important point.

Sure. This is kind of laziness... Every patch committed upstream does not
steal our time maintaining the software downstream. :-P

> I came across Christian's name on a lot of Open Source
> projects I am following; he contributed to archiso, cgit, OpenSSH,
> pacman and zsh. He submitted patches to Git to make the test suite pass
> with GnuPG 2.1 and we currently use those patches in our git package. I
> think he is knowledgeable and would be a good addition to our team.

Thanks for the compliments!

> Christian, glad to see you apply!

The pleasure is all mine.
main(a){char*c=/*    Best regards,                           */"B?IJj;MEH"
"CX:;",b;for(a/*    Chris           get my mail address:    */=0;b=c[a++];)
putchar(b-1/(/*               gcc -o sig sig.c && ./sig    */b/42*2-3)*42);}
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