[aur-general] Corrected package ekeyd ready for AUR

carstene1ns arch at carsten-teibes.de
Tue Feb 11 19:46:28 EST 2014

Am 12.02.2014 01:28, schrieb Thomas Preissler:
> I was not sure how I should put the patching the current maintainer is
> doing as part of build() function into a separate function.
You can just move all the seds from your build() function to a prepare()
function (and add the 'cd ...')

> I tested it on a server, ie. ekeyd & egd-linux running, but also for
> a client with only the egd-linux running.
> So I provided now two .service files.
Great! Now all that's left to do is to get the current maintainer to
include the changes you made or orphan the package, so you can maintain
it yourself.

best regards,

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