[aur-general] tint2 packages cleanup

Martin Wimpress martin+arch at flexion.org
Wed Jan 15 09:22:36 EST 2014


On 15/01/14 14:18, WorMzy Tykashi wrote:
> Please remove (or merge with [1]) the following packages:
> tint2-svn-gnome-shell [2] -- using an archaic PKGBUILD template,
> relies on patches not included in the source array.


> tint2-graph [3] -- is incorrectly named (uses svn), uses old PKGBUILD
> template, is orphaned, and is redundant (tint2-svn applies the same
> patch).


Thanks for the request. I deleted 'tint2-svn-gnome-shell' and
'tint2-graph' because they didn't have any useful comments worth merging.

Regards, Martin.

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