[aur-general] 2 merge requests

Felix Yan felixonmars at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 00:14:14 EST 2014

On Friday, January 17, 2014 18:43:27 Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> W dniu 17.01.2014 05:25, Felix Yan pisze:
> > On Tuesday, January 14, 2014 17:08:24 Maciej Sieczka wrote:
> >> I adopted 2 packages - grass-geos and grass-trunk. Can I request merging
> >> them into my grass64 and grass70-svn, respectively? Original maintainers
> >> (CCed) are OK with this.
> > 
> > Merged grass-geos into grass64.
> Kewl!
> > There's already a package named grass7-svn, should we consider grass70-svn
> > a dup if there's not much difference?
> grass70-svn is more feature rich [1], doesn't mess with the source code
> to enforce python2, but uses a (more) fool-proof trick [2] that also
> supports GRASS Python addons without extra patching, handles
> FORTIFY_SOURCE CPPFLAGS issue at configure more gracefully etc. It even
> has a nicer 64 pix icon ;).
> All my other GRASS packages (grass64, grass64-rc, grass64-svn,
> grass65-svn) use a similar, consistent set of build options.
> They don't conflict with each other at installation time (they normally
> would) to have full spectrum of stable and devel GRASS versions
> alongside for daily work and for easy access to new features, and bug
> hunting.
> I advertised them on the official GRASS GIS download page [3]. There've
> been no complaints.
> I used to be a proffesional GRASS user, and a contributor a bit as well,
> for some years. I still keep an eye on the project for a hobby.
> I would like to keep maintaining a complete suit of GRASS packages, if
> this doesn't pose a problem for anyone.
> > btw, please include links to packages next time, thanks.
> Right.
> Maciek
> [1] liblas, netcdf, odbc, openmp, pthreads
> [2] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/gr/grass70-svn/PKGBUILD.
> [3] http://grass.osgeo.org/download/software/linux/

Okay, merged grass-trunk into grass70-svn.

However, I still suggest to contact the current maintainer of grass7-svn if 
there's no significant difference in the current two packages, and we may get 
them merged too.

Felix Yan
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