[aur-general] a cpan2aur, npm2aur, gem2arch like utility for Python

John D Jones III unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 29 22:56:07 EST 2014

I've been looking, but I haven't yet found a utility like cpan2aur or 
gem2arch, etc for Python 'eggs' or whatever they're called ;-) I use 
cpan2aur ( well it's underlying module parent ) rather prolifically 
maintaining my Perl AUR PKGBUILDs, I eventually would like to utilize 
gem2arch, nodejs-npm2aur etc to take on even more responsibility to 
ensure that Arch Linux is the home of language library usability 
awesomeness. Even though I don't like the Python paradigm, I can not be 
ignorant to the fact that people use it; even if it makes me sad to know 
people are using it. That said, is anyone aware of, or have plans to 
make, a pypi2aur like utility ? I'm just planning long term right now, 
until I perfect my Perl PKGBUILD build server, I won't bite off anything 
more, but eventually that will reach a mature status and my interests 
will soon change focus for the other languages.

John D Jones III
UNIX Zealot; Perl Lover
unixgeek1972 at gmail.com
jnbek1972 at gmail.com

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