[aur-general] a cpan2aur, npm2aur, gem2arch like utility for Python

carstene1ns arch at carsten-teibes.de
Thu Jan 30 03:52:58 EST 2014

Am 30.01.2014 04:56, schrieb John D Jones III:
> I've been looking, but I haven't yet found a utility like cpan2aur or
> gem2arch, etc for Python 'eggs' or whatever they're called ;-) I use

You might want to have a look at pip2arch[1], it parses the output of
the pypi server to generate the dependencies and such. Which is
sometimes a bit problematic/not complete, it would be better to parse
the setup.py or something like that (which is not easy to do everytime).
I don't know if it suits your needs, but I have used a modified version
of it some time ago and it worked for me. It probably needs a bit of
love though, for example it does not detect if you have C extensions and
always sets arch=('any').

best regards,

[1]: https://github.com/bluepeppers/pip2arch

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