[aur-general] a cpan2aur, npm2aur, gem2arch like utility for Python

Angel Velásquez angvp at archlinux.org
Thu Jan 30 07:23:44 EST 2014

On 30/01/14 00:56, John D Jones III wrote:
> I've been looking, but I haven't yet found a utility like cpan2aur or
> gem2arch, etc for Python 'eggs' or whatever they're called ;-) I use
> cpan2aur ( well it's underlying module parent ) rather prolifically
> maintaining my Perl AUR PKGBUILDs, I eventually would like to utilize
> gem2arch, nodejs-npm2aur etc to take on even more responsibility to
> ensure that Arch Linux is the home of language library usability
> awesomeness. Even though I don't like the Python paradigm, I can not be
> ignorant to the fact that people use it; even if it makes me sad to know
> people are using it. That said, is anyone aware of, or have plans to
> make, a pypi2aur like utility ? I'm just planning long term right now,
> until I perfect my Perl PKGBUILD build server, I won't bite off anything
> more, but eventually that will reach a mature status and my interests
> will soon change focus for the other languages.

It really makes us (the world) sad that in 2014 you're still using
perl.. :(.

Now, for real, don't make comments like that ^, we don't want that kind
of wars on our lists, ok?.

Back to the point that you asked, I am not really sure but I remember I
saw someone that made something like years ago and probably is
abbandoned, i will check if I can find something, but python packaging
it's more or less mechanical (I'm taking a gamble on the numbers but I
think 70%~ of python packages have a similar PKGBUILD structure).


Angel Velasquez
Arch Linux Developer

angvp @ irc.freenode.net

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