[aur-general] AUR 3.3.0 released

Steven Honeyman stevenhoneyman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 5 15:59:10 EDT 2014

Wouldn't this push more work towards the AUR maintainers though? What
actually happens when someone requests a package is to be orphaned?
Can the package maintainer "un-request" it by doing something?

I guess I just assumed (like the ML previously) that a bunch of people
would get an email with the request in it - which nobody really wants
to see!
Definitely agree on the comment+checkbox idea being a bad one. As you
said, everyone's problem would demand attention.


On 5 July 2014 19:39, A Rojas <nqn1976list at gmail.com> wrote:
> Carl Schaefer wrote:
>> How about adding a "needs attention" checkbox when submitting a comment
>> that, when checked, would email the maintainer and raise an "attention
>> requested" flag on the package display page?  The maintainer could check
>> an "AR reset" checkbox when submitting his/her own comment, which would
>> clear the flag.
>> Carl
> This is calling for abuse. Almost everybody will consider their problem to
> be worth of attention. Maintainers should be subscribed to be notified of
> comments in their packages. If they're not, then they're not doing their job
> properly and requesting orphaning is justified IMO.

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