[aur-general] owncloud-client: suggestion of moving to [community]

Nowaker enwukaer at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 12:40:03 EDT 2014

>> I'd like to suggest owncloud-client as a potential candidate for
>> [community]. It has 300+ votes. owncloud the webapp is already there.

> How about CC'ing the maintainer at all (in this case me)? I've already had
> one of my PKGBUILDs (kdeconnect) vanish just to reappear in the [community]
> without a single word.
> Didn't say anything then but people invest time into maintaining PKGBUILDs,
> least you could do is notify the 'stakeholders'.

If a TU decides to move the package to community, then they should
contact you out of kindness, agreed.

Trusted Users, can you elaborate if adding a new point to "Rules for
Packages Entering the [community] Repo" [1] would be reasonable?

"TUs should inform the maintainer of the package that their package is
going to be moved to community, thus deleted from AUR."

AUR is where Arch Linux fans grow, so it would be good to treat them
well. ;)


Kind regards,
Damian Nowak

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