[aur-general] ArchLinux TU Application: Fabio Castelli (Muflone)

Muflone webreg at vbsimple.net
Thu Jul 31 17:13:15 EDT 2014


> (except don't use the cute DLAGENT from iseriesaccess in anything
> official)

I'm open to suggestions how to handle the packaging of applications
whose source files cannot be redistributed or directly downloaded (the
IBM website requires you first login to your account, then that you
accept some license then that you skip the slayer and after a long
journey they will allow you to download the file you are interested in).

> I've got a multipart question.  Obviously the more responsibilities
> you have and the more you push yourself to improve, the more likely
> you are to make a mistake.  I don't know enough Italian to rummage
> through your 18 thousand forum posts, but I figure there must be at
> least one good example of your character in there.  Can you share a
> link to past conversation (mailing list, forum, bug report, whatever)
> where you made a mistake, someone noticed, you took responsibility and
> fixed it?  My apologies for the bluntness of the question, but I feel
> this is probably the only personality trait that matters to get along
> with the other TUs.

This is a really interesting question. A damn difficult question but
still good.

The first premise is that I don't participate in the ubuntu-it forum
anymore since 2012 except a couple of threads related to my projects
where I offer support or receive unofficial bugs reports.

Another premise is that any ubuntu-it user could confirm you that I've a
spicy nature, not in evil sense but I barely bear spam, offtopics or
personal attacks inside the communities.
If it could worth something, in many years of forum posting I was never
banned or suspended in any place.

It's undeniable that could be difficult to convince me or drag me to a
discussion where I cannot see any useful point, I think is better to
avoid the whole discussion after reporting its uselessness.
The best word that could describe my character is pedantic, my favorite
lintian flag to check Debian packages.

To reply to Kyle's question, an example of your request could be this

"ho fatto confusione tra i tuoi messaggi e quelli di tony e me ne scuso.
mi era sembrato che avessi copiato i suoi messaggi invece che scrivere i
tuoi, ho un po' di febbre addosso e non connetto molto.
sara` meglio che vada a dormire."

it could be translated in

"I made confusion between your (JKWest) messages and those of tony
(another user whose messages were later deleted to keep the discussion
clean) and I apologize.
I seemed that you copied his messages instead of writing yours. I have a
bit of fever and I don't understand (we use the verb "connect" as to be
mentally connected to someone's words) a lot.
It would be better that I would go to sleep."

I'm not so crazy to tell you that I'm always calm or smooth, but I try
hard always to keep my words clean, as an ex school teacher I think this
is always the best way to be heard or believed.

Another damn fault is that I talk (and write) too much.
Sorry again.

Best regards


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