[aur-general] Fwd: [Server/distributed Arch] nagios/nrpe -> [community]

Ido Rosen ido at kernel.org
Thu Jul 31 19:54:10 EDT 2014

Hi all,
  I'd like to amend my previous request for lldpd and/or ladvd to be
moved to [community] or [extra], and add these packages:

nagios-nrpe-plugin (?)

Again, there are not many people using Arch in data center
environments, so the vote counts on these packages may be
disproportionately smaller relative to their actual importance to the
Arch community in terms of installed machines.

We have a lot of work to do in order to make ArchLinux more friendly
to administrate in large, distributed deployments such as globally
distributed data centers out of the box in a supported/official.  I'm
looking forward to the day Arch can compete with RHEL/Fedora.


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