[aur-general] Merges

Timothy Redaelli tredaelli at archlinux.info
Fri Jun 13 09:41:28 EDT 2014

On Thursday 12 June 2014 23:11:18 Justin Dray wrote:
> Hey,
> I've recently cleaned up the big pile of skype4pidgin packages in the AUR.
> Of the previous maintainers I could contact, they have orphaned the
> packages and I have taken them up prior to deletion/merging or have agreed
> to the merge. The maintainer for skype4pidgin-svn-dbus has not responded to
> my any attempts to sort out these packages so far (this was only around 10
> days ago however. I'm not sure if that means this will still need to wait
> the full 14 days to be able to merge these or not though)
> Anyway, as a result, can someone please merge the following:
> skype4empathy-svn [1] -> skype4pidgin-svn [3]
> skype4pidgin-svn-dbus [2] -> skype4pidgin-svn [3]
> skype4empathy [4] -> skype4pidgin [6]
> skype4finch [5] -> skype4pidgin [6]

I'm the maintainer of skype4pidgin-svn-dbus, you last mail was from 3 days ago 
and you wrote: "Hi again everyone,

If there is no response in the next 14 days regarding this stuff, I'll ask for 
orphanage on the packages in question so that I can fix it up."

3 days are NOT 14 days...

Timothy M. Redaelli
Arch Linux Trusted User

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