[aur-general] python packages as depends and easy_install

Johannes Löthberg johannes at kyriasis.com
Mon Jun 23 06:20:28 EDT 2014

On 22/06, Storm Dragon wrote:
>The pypump docs say it works for all versions of python, 2.7, through 3.4 I think. I made the PKGBUILD using the python3 dependancy because I figure that is what most people will have by default. Does this PKGBUILD look ok?


It's mostly fine but http git URLs are prefered when possible since many 
people are behind firewalls that doesn't let the git protocol through.

I'd also prefer it if you remove the _pkgname variable since it's rather 
useless. The variable name is longer than the variable itself, and it 
doesn't change so it's largely useless.

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