[aur-general] Information request about libnss-mysql

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Sun Jun 29 14:08:37 EDT 2014

Am 29.06.2014 19:14, schrieb Steven Honeyman:
> Googled it out of curiosity... google has a cache of that page (in
> French!). Hope it's useful somehow:

'Aucun' means it is an orphaned package in french.

> On 29 June 2014 17:44, Jeremy Audet <ichimonji10 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Old accounts (older than either 500 days or two years, not sure which) were
>> recently purged. [1] libnss-mysql was last updated in May 2012, which would
>> probably explain why the submitter, maintainer and packager is listed as
>> "None."

The package was orphaned at that time (at least it's not on my list[1]).

>> Am 29.06.2014 15:55, schrieb John WH Smith:> Hello,
>>> I can see it was last updated on 2012-05-15. However, the last update
>>> from upstream dates back to 2005/2006.
>>> Is there any way I could know who was maintaining this package before it
>>> became an orphan ?

The aur-mirror[2] reveals it was moved from the repositories to the AUR
before 2011 and maintained by Judd Vinet and Dale Blount back in 2006.
Both left Arch[3] some time ago.
The comment by 'mortzu' on the package page corresponds to that
commit[4], where the maintainer information were stripped.
After that, somebody modernized the package[5], however, who that did is
I hope this helps as well. Now a little question: Why do you want to
know who maintained it? There are no patches or anything.

best regards,

[3]: https://www.archlinux.org/fellows/

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