[aur-general] Notify by e-mail when PKGBUILD updated by maintainer?

Doug Newgard scimmia at archlinux.info
Wed May 7 11:56:12 EDT 2014

On 2014-05-07 09:11, Amish wrote:
> Hello,
> I went to through this AUR wiki page but did not get the answer.
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/AUR
> Is there a way to get notified when "Maintainer" updates new PKGBUILD?
> We already have way to notify for new comments on AUR package. So
> possibly it would be easy to extend that without much coding and send
> notification when new PKGBUILD is uploaded.
> New Comment => send e-mail to those who subscribed for comments
> New Update => send e-mail to those who voted AND subscribed for 
> comments
> (or we can have a link called "Notify of new update")
> In my opinion getting notified for Update is more important than
> getting notified for comments.
> I see similar discussion on Google around 2012, but I really am
> surprised that not many have asked for this feature which I thought
> should be a basic need. :)
> PS:
> I am not looking for solution like pkgbuild-watch. I am looking for
> option on AUR itself.
> Thanks,
> Amish.

No, there is not currently a way. It has been requested: 

I believe cryptocrack has said that the entire notification system needs 
an overhaul, and things like this won't get implemented until that 

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