[aur-general] Orphan request: bacula

Xyne xyne at archlinux.ca
Wed May 7 17:46:26 EDT 2014

On 2014-05-08 06:24 +1000
Steven Haigh wrote:

>Hi guys,
>I'm trying to take back the bacula AUR package to continue maintaining.
>	https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/bacula/
>I am the submitter of the original AUR package:
>	Submitter: 	CRCinAU
>I am listed as a maintainer in the PKGBUILD file:
>	https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ba/bacula/PKGBUILD
># Maintainers: Steven Haigh <netwiz at crc.id.au>
>#              goll <adrian.goll+aur[at]gmail>
>I have tried contacting goll to update the package, but have not heard a
>response for some time (and a few revisions).
>I hereby request that either the package be orphaned so I can pick it up
>and update it in future, or the maintainer be changed by to myself (ie
>the submitter).


Is the temporary _instdir really necessary? It looks like an ugly hack at first
glance. Regardless, it definitely shouldn't be creating directories in $PWD.
Please change that to "$srcdir/build" or something similar.

The install commands in the package function should include explicit
permissions as well, e.g. "install -Dm644 ...". If you really can't use the
makefile install function then I would replace most of those commands with for
loops, e.g

for script in "$_instdir"/etc/bacula/scripts/*
  install -Dm644 "$script" "$pkgdir/etc/bacula/scripts/${script##*/}"

Also note the quoting of all path variables to prevent word expansion on paths
containing spaces.

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