[aur-general] Orphan request: zramswap

JM meets at gmx.fr
Fri May 23 13:57:40 EDT 2014


I am using the package zramswap 1.1.1 from AUR and I was surprised a few days ago to see
an update making it bump from 1.1.1 to 2.8.1 (and 2.9.1 since yesterday), so I have taken
a close look at the PKGBUILD then I headed to AUR:

someone has created a script having for name systemd-swap, and published it on two
different pages, the  zramswap page where it has the name of zramswap -- and on a
systemd-swap AUR page where it had the name "systemd-swap", removed very recently and
ported to Community:

as per the last comment on the zramswap page:

Currently, this is what zramswap used to look like:

and the start/stop zramswap.service script:

I don't have any bad feeling about the new script, but I really appreciate the job done
by the "old" one, which has worked perfectly so far. I use the kernel 3.14.4-1-ARCH
x86_64, a nvidia current driver, and zram is loaded and working everyday during several

And this is what it looks like now, after the new program has replaced this script which
works well, with one script which provides other features:

So you can see the differences which are important.

I posted an initial comment on the AUR zramswap page on 2014-05-21 22:39 to explain that
I was in disagreement with the change done, as the zramswap did only one thing --and
does it well-- take care of the zram module.

My argument being rejected, I am asking here to the Trusted Users to see what you can
do about it? 

I have been a long time user of the compcache package (from the original project:
https://code.google.com/p/compcache/ ) and later when the main component became the zram
kernel module I started using the script meant to load and set it up, having for name
zramswap, which I am still using now as I said, at it's version 1.1.1.

My machine has 4 Gb ram, but sometimes with Virtualbox running along with other greedy
applications it is very good to have.

I would appreciate it a lot if things where put back as they were with the script which
takes care of zram only and nothing else, and be orphaned as it should have been, in
order to allow anyone interested to adopt it and take care of it.

I'll stay tuned.


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