[aur-general] Removing godep-git (no)

Johannes Dewender arch at JonnyJD.net
Fri May 23 05:59:12 EDT 2014

Am 23.05.2014 11:22, schrieb Sauyon Lee:
> As noted on
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Go_Package_Guidelines#Naming, most go
> packages would end up becoming VCS packages, and having suffixes for no
> reason is a bit of a pain.

They *are* VCS packges. Naming doesn't change anything about it. With 
the suffix you know they are.
However, I didn't know that exception for go.

And there are actual go packages in AUR that do build from tarball. Not 
sure how you guys want to see the difference or if you guys care.

> My main reasoning for not forcing a specific hash is that it would do
> nothing but make packaging more difficult, as the likelihood of an official
> package for a golang binary is rather slim simply because of the utility of
> the 'go get' command.

Well, yes: if there isn't even a tag in the repository you would choose 
an arbitrary hash/commit, which doesn't make much sense.
When a tag is available, I wouldn't care that much though if that tagged 
version is built using git or a tarball (although I still prefer 

Anyways, I am not actively using go so these are just my 2 ct.
I did read [1] though, if anybody else is interested on how go package 
management is supposed to work in a stable way without having any tags 
or releases. I wouldn't use system-wide packages at all since the go 
concept doesn't seem to go well with it.

[1]: http://golang.org/doc/faq#get_version

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