[aur-general] Unresponsive maintainer (=TU)

Fabio Castelli webreg at vbsimple.net
Thu Nov 13 18:03:25 UTC 2014


> The only program that uses mysql-connector-c++ I know of is
> mysql-workbench [1], but that's a bit bloated to build only to test if
> connector-c++ is working correctly (and I don't know which parts of
> workbench use it, so that's rather uncertain).

I cannot build the ctemplate package because I've no access to the 
Google Code SVN repository here, therefore I'm unable to check the 
mysql-connector-c++ package using mysql-workbench.

> I think the best you can do is test the examples in examples/ of
> mysql-connector-c++.

I built the example source using:
g++ -o prepared_statement -Wl,-Bdynamic -lmysqlcppconn \
   -I ~/mysql-connector-c++/src/mysql-connector-c++-1.1.4/ \

The results of the command is exactly the same [1] rebuilding the 
prepared_statement against libmariadbclient or libmysqlclient packages 
with any of the following patches.

The package libmysqlclient provides a mysql_config command which *HAS* 
the --cxxflags option.
The package libmariadbclient provides a mysql_config command which *HAS 
NOT* the --cxxflags option.

When the package mysql-connection-c++ is built against the 
libmariasqlclient it cannot get the build flags because it uses the 
missing --cxxflags option and then fallbacks to --cflags.

When the package mysql-connection-c++ is built against the 
libmysqlclient it receives the build flags using the --cxxflags option 
and then builds the software including the -fno-rtti option.

There are two different ways to fix the issue with the 
mysql-connector-c++ package:

a) remove the -fno-rtti option from the cxxflags offered by 
mysql_config, see [2]

b) fix the broken FindMySQL.cmake source which assumes that since the 
version 5.6.3 MySQL is *ALWAYS* built with the MYSQL_CXX_LINKAGE option 
set when cmake is run but it doesn't make anything to solve if the 
no-rtti flag was used. See [3] how to honor the MYSQL_CXX_LINKAGE 
The latter patch allows you to build your package with 
-DMYSQL_CXX_LINKAGE set to 0 (to disable the use of cxxflags) or to 1 to 
use the cxxflags. Without this patch the option MYSQL_CXX_LINKAGE is 
ignored at all since MySQL 5.6.3.

Please update your PKGBUILD accordingly to these suggestions.
I don't plan to change the build process in a way too much different 
from the libmariadbclient build process, therefore I will not remove the 
no-rtti flag until I can find a valid reason to do that.

Best regards

[1] http://paste.muflone.com/147


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