[aur-general] Unresponsive maintainer (=TU)

Marcel Korpel marcel.korpel at gmail.com
Wed Nov 12 18:12:16 UTC 2014

* Fabio Castelli <webreg at vbsimple.net> (Wed, 12 Nov 2014 10:35:25
> Please explain me how can I use or send me a source example (with
> build instruction included please) which uses the mysql-connector-c++
> to check if everything works fine with my build and if it works fine
> we'll see how to fix the package.

The only program that uses mysql-connector-c++ I know of is
mysql-workbench [1], but that's a bit bloated to build only to test if
connector-c++ is working correctly (and I don't know which parts of
workbench use it, so that's rather uncertain).

I think the best you can do is test the examples in examples/ of
mysql-connector-c++. First set the credentials of your locally running
db in examples.h. Then change the line in the example file, e.g.
prepared_statement.cpp that reads

#include <driver/mysql_public_iface.h>


#include "../driver/mysql_public_iface.h"

and issue

$ g++ -o prepared_statement -Wl,-Bdynamic -lmysqlcppconn \

Then you can run

$ ./prepared_statement

I did the same with resultset.cpp, resultset_meta.cpp (which resulted
in a runtime error) and exceptions.cpp. Others needed more tinkering,
which I'm now unable to do. Good luck and I'll be back within a few


[1] https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/mysql-workbench/

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