[aur-general] Request for Orphaning Csound-doc

Brett C Cornwall bcc310 at nyu.edu
Thu Oct 16 07:18:52 UTC 2014

> Hmm. His activity does seem sporadic. A couple of requests for
> disownment of some of his packages came through  in March and April
> this year, with some comments being made on the list about the state
> of his packages back in August. Perhaps he is struggling to keep on
> top of things.
> Nevertheless, the two week period would apply.
Apologies, I did not mean to step on anyone's toes - All of the Csound
packages have been pretty out of date and there's been no response from
Speps (I sent him an email one month ago today). Therefore, he's been
slowly disowned from Csound packages. This was just the last of them and
the process was taking a while. So, technically, it has been over two
weeks, just not for this particular package. :)

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