[aur-general] AUR Best Practice for New Package Upload

Nuno Araujo nuno.araujo at russo79.com
Sat Sep 6 13:47:53 UTC 2014

On sam, 2014-09-06 at 13:03 +0200, Johannes Löthberg wrote:
> On 06 Sep 2014, at 12:06, stef <stef_204 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> > 1) the main script which is CLI (available for python2 and/or python3)
> > 2) a GTK+ GUI (optional) for python2
> > 3)  the GTK+ GUI (optional) for python3
> >
> > I use the GTK+GUI for python3 on my box but perhaps some users might want (or have to)
> > use python2.
> >
> > Question 1):
> >
> > The program is small (approx 250kb only) and my tendency would be to just do the one
> > package with all 3 components which users will then use as they see fit, CLI only or
> > GUI, etc.  This would allow me to maintain only one package for this program.
> >
> >Is only one package OK with the AUR community?
> You shouldn’t mix python2 and 3. Make it a split package.

Do you really need to build both the python2 and python3 versions?
If it is just an application (and not a library), I would recommend to
build just the python3 version.

Nuno Araujo <nuno.araujo at russo79.com>
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