[aur-general] AUR Best Practice for New Package Upload

Nuno Araujo nuno.araujo at russo79.com
Tue Sep 16 13:52:26 UTC 2014

On mar, 2014-09-16 at 05:56 -0700, stef wrote:

> Nuno,
> Thanks a lot for helpful feedback.
> I was kind of hoping no one would write a PKGBUILD for this so I would not be tempted to use a shortcut and "cheat" but hey.... ;)
> I will use your PKGBUILD and files as a model, really make sure I understand them fully, make any modifications as desired and post here final result (if different from yours.)
> I may have some questions and will post here if any.
> Thanks.

I don't think that giving a look at existing PKGBUILDs is "cheating".
Referring to examples is a very good way of learning. As long was you
try to understand what's done and not just blindly do some copy and

Feel free to post your questions here.

Nuno Araujo <nuno.araujo at russo79.com>
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