[aur-general] Introducing Liveroot

Mark Lee mark at markelee.com
Wed Apr 1 04:36:05 UTC 2015

On Wednesday, April 01, 2015 10:00:25 AM gt wrote:
> On 1 April 2015 03:25:51 GMT+05:30, Mark Lee <mark at markelee.com> wrote:
> >Oh yeah, it was posted there. Nobody seemed to care. I think liveroot
> >is
> >actually quite powerful in what it does but I didn't really get any
> >comments
> >so I posted on the AUR general mailing list as well.
> Can it be used to run live Arch too? In that case it would be great for a
> custom Arch live media, something similar to Puppy Linux.

Oh yeah, I stated that in the forum post. It can convert any standard Arch 
Linux installation into a "live" version. As stated on the forums, if the Arch 
Install ISO dropped ISO support, it could be used to make an Arch installation 
img with an easily modified and visible root. One could make an installation 
media with a btrfs root and leverage the snapshotting abilities.

It also supports encrypted root and has partial support for lvm partitions.

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