[aur-general] Renaming 'chromium-browser-bin' and 'chromium-nightly'

LoneVVolf lonewolf at xs4all.nl
Wed Apr 1 12:06:40 UTC 2015

On 01-04-15 07:41, Det wrote:
> My personal pool of suggestions is as follows:
> - chromium-continuous
> - chromium-continuous-bin
> - chromium-nightly
> - chromium-nightly-bin (only 3 packages follow this scheme [5])
> - chromium-snapshot
> - chromium-snapshot-bin
> I would preferer omitting the '-bin', but I understand, if people feel 
> that it's important to point out.

Both packages build latest available versions , so they're like binary 
VCS packages .
In my opinion the -bin suffix must be present, so people are aware these 
packages don't build from source.

Given that upstream calls them continuous builds & snapshot builds , i'd 
(it somehow feels wrong to call something nightly when it can be build 
multiple times per day).


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