[aur-general] Moving arj from [community] to AUR

Levente Polyak anthraxx at archlinux.org
Wed Apr 22 21:25:55 UTC 2015

On 04/22/2015 03:25 PM, Alexander F Rødseth wrote:
> Hi,
> As much as I like arj, and the fond memories of installing games from
> floppy disks as a kid, the package in its current form has some problems:
> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/44411
> https://bugs.archlinux.org/task/44488
> As noted by Christian Rebischke and Remi Gacogne in these bug reports, arj
> has several vulnerability issues and is not likely to be fixed by upstream
> anytime soon.
> Moving to AUR.

I've picked up arj from the AUR and will clean it up now. This includes
adding patches for the mentioned security issues (which are also used by
fedora, debian and others).
After a short discussion round in the IRC we considered that it may get
moved back to community at some point (I would also maintain it then).

The updated AUR package will be pushed in aprox. 1-2h, I'm still doing
some tests before pushing the new PKGBUILD.


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